ONE Gas Jobs

Job Information

One Gas Field Specialist, Welding in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Position Description:

Performs a specialized level of work related to welding operations in fabrication, installation, maintenance, and removal of pipelines and related facilities operating up to and including 60 psig.

Perform welding, fusing, and/or fabricating work on pipelines and related facilities operating up to and including 60 psig including but not limited to:

Distribution pipelines

Small meter and regulator settings

Equipment repairs

Plastic pipelines

Perform routine maintenance on vehicles and equipment including but not limited to:

Checking fluid levels

Changing oil

Applying lubricant

Checking belts, tires, hoses, and lights

Washing vehicle/equipment and filling with fuel

Requisition, receive, and load materials. Drive welding truck.

Perform pipeline construction and maintenance work utilizing various hand and/or power tools and equipment including but not limited to:

Pipe and crescent wrenches

Welding machines

Air compressors

Pneumatic tools and equipment


Pipe threaders and cutters

Squares, levels, and tape measures

Assist in guidance and direction of employees and/or contract workers.

Inspect and/or audit installation of yard lines by contractors. Periodically performs and/or conducts inspections on contracted pipeline construction activities to meet peak demands.

Maintain logs; calculate and prepare reports including but not limited to:

Mileage reports

Time Sheets

Completion reports

Vehicle inspection reports

Material requisitions

Regular and reliable attendance is required in performance of job.

Employee may be required to perform additional duties as assigned.

Position Requirements:

Experience welding on distribution pipelines and related facilities operating up to and including 60 psig.

Experience in operation, maintenance, and repair of tools and equipment applicable to position.

Experience with application of basic arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (tested). Application of geometric formulas to calculate pipe angles.

Experience and training relative to:

Working in excavations and/or confined spaces

Basic customer service activities

Company and governmental operating/safety procedures

Welding on pressurized pipelines (up to and including 60 psig)

Guiding and directing work of others

Characteristics of natural gas

Experience in reading and interpreting maps, atlas pages, blueprints, and job orders.

Demonstrated ability to guide and lead.

Demonstrated ability to read and write fluently in English.

Minimum Applicable CDL driver's license.

Minimum API 1104 Multiple Qualification Test certification.

Minimum Qualified Plastic Fusion Technician certification.

Lift or move objects weighing up to 20 pounds 12 14 times a day; up to 40 pounds 10 12 times a day; over 50 pounds 4 6 times a day.

Travel over uneven terrain including but not limited to:







Climb into and out of excavations.

Kneel/stoop for extended periods.

React immediately to emergency situations to prevent injury to self and others.

Smell odorant in natural gas.

Detect and react to warning signals at work sites.

Able to operate tools and equipment required.

Communicate and/or exchange information or instructions including use of company two way radio.

Peripheral vision and accurate depth perception.

Visual abilities sufficient to perform job duties.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, status as a veteran, and basis of disability or any other federal, state or local protected class.

Job ID: 1939

Functional Area: Field Operations

Position Type: Full-Time Regular

Relocation Provided: No

Location: Tulsa, OK


Internal / External: Internal and External

Experience Required: Not Indicated