Why We Hire for Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity is so important to us that we made it one of our core values, values that guide and direct our actions as we go about our day-to-day business. We know that each employee brings their own unique background, thoughts, perspectives, and culture to our company every day when they come to work. We welcome these different backgrounds, thoughts, perspectives, and cultures because we recognize they foster a stronger company and create a positive experience for customers and employees alike. In addition, these diverse aspects of everyone add to our special culture, one that encourages and values collaboration.

We know that every employee makes a difference and contributes to our success through their unique talents and abilities. We also acknowledge that we can accomplish great things by listening and learning from each other.

We want to encourage you to bring your own diverse background to our open positions. Be a part of a company that values and respects each employee and their individual experiences, recognizing the advantage they bring to our organization.

Employee Resource Groups

These are voluntary, employee-led groups based on shared characteristics, interests or life experiences. Each of our ERGs support our corporate strategy through one or more of the following focus areas:

  • Attraction, recruitment and retention
  • Education and information
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Community involvement and customer engagement

BLOG: Black resource group

CAPABLE: Disabilities and functional needs resource group

La Voz: Hispanic and Latino resource group

Native ONE: Native American resource group

VERG: Veterans resource group

We Are ONE: LGBTQ+ resource group

WE Lead: Women’s resource group

Championing Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is at the heart of creating an environment of trust that is open and welcoming to all people.

As a company, we are committed to the respect and appreciation of all our differences, while supporting one another in pursuit of our vision and mission. Our focus is on an ethical workforce where employees understand that how they accomplish the goal matters as much as the goal itself. We expect all employees to treat everyone with dignity and respect, even when opinions and viewpoints differ from their own.

I&D Council

Our I&D Council is chaired by our CEO along with five permanent members and 14 rotating members who serve two-year terms.

The Council assists the executive team with developing the company’s I&D strategy, provides governance and guidance for implementing the strategy and models inclusive behavior while inspiring others to do the same.

Military Recruitment

Why Military Personnel should choose One Gas?

Reliability. Service. Responsibility. A commitment to safety.

These are traits highly valued by One Gas, traits that are also developed and strengthened during military service. Veterans who work at One Gas can expect respect for their service, encouragement of career development and learning, and a culture of collaboration and teamwork. A role at One Gas makes for a stable and rewarding career providing safe and reliable energy to the families in our service area. We recognize that every veteran brings valuable transferable skills, talents, and abilities, learned from their military background, to their One Gas role, and we want to invite veterans to search and apply to our available positions.

SHRM Veterans at Work Certificate